Publications, reports

Scientific report on topic : "Seismological studies of Northern Europe and adjacent Arctic regions", final for 1998-2002. (In Russian) Download 6Mb .ZIP

Asming V.E., Kremenetskaya E.O. Study of applicability of P/S ratio criterion for discrimination of regional earthquakes and explosions in North-Western area. Read

Asming V.E. Creation of a software system for automated detection, location and interpretation of seismic events. Its usage for study seismicity of North-Western region. Ph.D. thesis. Defended on July 2004. Download 3.3Mb .ZIP

Study of Regional Surface Waves and Frequency-dependent Ms:mb Discrimination in the European Arctic. Elena Kremenetskaya, Vladimir Asming, Zina Jevtjugina, Frode Ringdal. Pure appl. geophys. 159 (2002). Read .PDF (1М)

Observed Characteristics of Regional Seismic Phases and Implications for P/S Discrimination in the European Arctic. Frode Ringdal, Elena Kremenetskaya and Vladimir Asming. Pure appl. geophys. 159 (2002). Read .PDF (0.7 M)

The BEARMAP mapping system. Asming V.E. Read .DOC (0.5М)